Decorative Borders

You may want to choose one of the plain blank cards and add a decorative border into it to complement the card design. If this is the case, then we would suggest you to choose from 100+ beautiful decorative borders that we offer here.

You may choose any of these decorative borders and we will have your Karte Aroosi design in your selected border. Best of all, the decorative Borders are at no additional charge. A gift from us to you just to say thank you.

What is the process? Just select the border that you like and enter the border number while ordering your wedding card.


A-001                                                                       A-002                                                                       A-003


A-004                                                                       A-005                                                                       A-006


A-007                                                                       A-008                                                                       A-009


A-010                                                                       A-011                                                                       A-012


A-013                                                                       A-014                                                                       A-015


A-016                                                                       A-017                                                                       A-018


A-019                                                                       A-020                                                                     A-021


A-022                                                                       A-023                                                                     A-024


A-025                                                                       A-026                                                                       A-027


A-028                                                                       A-029                                                                      A-030


A-031                                                                       A-032                                                                     A-033


A-034                                                                       A-035                                                                    A-036


A-037                                                                       A-038                                                                    A-039


A-040                                                                       A-043                                                                    A-045


A-047                                                                       A-048                                                                     A-049


A-051                                                                       A-054                                                                     A-055


A-056                                                                       A-057                                                                     A-067


A-069                                                                       A-084                                                                     A-096


B-002                                                                       B-003                                                                    B-005


B-006                                                                       B-007                                                                     B-011


B-012                                                                       B-017                                                                       B-018


B-022                                                                       B-023                                                                       B-029


B-044                                                                       B-046                                                                       B-054


B-055                                                                       B-057                                                                       B-070


B-072                                                                       B-073                                                                       B-097


B-107                                                                       B-109                                                                       C-004


C-005                                                                       C-009                                                                       C-022


D-005                                                                       E-001                                                                       E-056


E-058                                                                       E-064                                                                       E-065


E-067                                                                       F-047                                                                       F-065


F-070                                                                       F-075                                                                       F-080


F-089                                                                       Z-001                                                                       Z-002


Z-003                                                                       Z-004                                                                       Z-005


Z-006                                                                       Z-007                                                                       Z-008

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