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Stylish "Karte Aroosi" designs (کارت عروسی) flavored with the beautiful art of Persian calligraphy... this is truly an elegant combination!

Each card design contains an artistic wedding logo that is the names of the bride and groom intertwined. This logo is a unique design that will be chosen out of numerous hand-written calligraphic drafts. Then it is time to work on the content of the invitation and choose from a number of decorative borders and beautiful card designs to find the ones that complement the design the best way possible. The design stage for the wedding cards (Karte Aroosi) is done and the cards are ready to be printed...                        Order Your Karte Aroosi Now!

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Q: I would like to get my wedding cards done. What are my choices and how I can place my order?

A: Here is the step-by-step process:

Step1 - Take a look at the Sample Wedding Cards and Wedding Logo Samples and also Blank Wedding Cards to get ideas about the design of your wedding logo and cards 

Step2 - Decide if you would like to have one of our Decorative Borders incorporated into your wedding logo on your card. Please choose a simple blank card if this is the case.

Step3 - Decide about the wording in the invitation -content of the invitation- if you have not yet done so. You may want to check out our Wording Ideas for this purpose

Step4 - Once you are done with steps 1 thru 3, then you are ready to fill in the Order Form 

Step5 - We will get back to you with an accurate estimate based on our Pricing List and also based on the blank cards that you have selected. We will walk you through payment process then. 

Step6 - Once you placed your order, then you will receive multiple draft designs for your wedding logo (Bride and Groom's names intertwined). You will select the best logo

Step 7- We will work with you select the best border/card/envelop if you have not decided yet and finalize the content and cover design

Step 8- The cards and envelops will be shipped to your address

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We are always here to help our customers get their wedding cards (Karte-Aroosi) designed and printed. Please

do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions, comments, or suggestions in regards to your wedding cards.

Congratulations on your wedding and Good luck with your unique Karte Aroosi design! 

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