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Would you like to get some wording ideas? Here is the right place  to start with. In this page we offer general etiquette guidelines as well as wording ideas in Farsi and English.


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Etiquette guidelines



Invitations to the wedding or reception are usually bent by the parents of the bride. However, there are alternative ways.

Wedding invitations should be mailed four to six weeks before the wedding. For summer and holiday weddings, many brides mail their invitations eight weeks before the wedding since people are more likely to be traveling at those times. When making your list, be careful so as not to overlook anyone. Casual friends, business associates and those away from home, such as military personnel should be included.


Announcements are mailed immediately after the ceremony to those who did not receive an invitation to the wedding and to those too far away to be expected to attend.


The outer envelope is glued for sealing and should be fully addressed on the front. A return address printed on the back flap of the envelope ensures the undeliverable invitations will be returned to you. Inner envelopes are unglued and the names of the guests are written on the face of the envelope. The names of any invited children under the age of eighteen would appear on line beneath their parents' names.


When a wedding gift is received, it is appropriate to send a thank you note showing appreciation. A personal note can be written on art informal or on a designed thank you note of your choice. Thank you notes are sent after the wedding ceremony or reception.


Enclosure cards contain additional information for some or all of the persons to whom invitations or announcements are sent:

-          Reception cards:

Reception cards are placed in an announcement inviting guests to the reception only.

-          Ceremony cards:

Ceremony cards are sent to invite only close relatives and friends to the wedding ceremony.

-          RSVP cards:

RSVP cards and reply envelopes are necessary to the planning if a meal is to be served. Return envelopes should be pre-addressed and stamped for convenience.

-          Wedding breakfast cards:

Wedding breakfast cards are sent if a meal is planned before one o'clock.

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