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By now you must have filled in order form and received necessary instructions and a specific quote for your order. Here is where you can pay and place your order. 

NOTE: If you have not yet filled in the order form please Go Back to Order Form Now and provide us with necessary information requested in there. We will email you a quote based on the information (type of wedding logo and card design that you would like to have, the number of cards, etc). Then you will be back here to pay for your order.   

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*This is where you can provide us with any additional instructions about your order (if any). The space is limited to 60 characters; therefore, you might want to Send Us an Email if this seems insufficient. 

** You can add one of the beautiful Decorative Borders if you would like to have the border design incorporated on the cover of the blank card that you have selected. The border designs can be scaled out of proportion to fit in the card and the colors can be adjusted too. This additional border would be at no extra cost. Just select one and indicate the border design number in this blank area provided.

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